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A database file is partitioned into fixed-length storage units called blocks. Blocks are units of both storage allocation and data transfer. Database system seeks to minimize the number of block transfers between the disk and memory. We can reduce the number of disk accesses by keeping as many blocks as possible in main memory. Buffer – it is the portion of main memory available to store copies of disk blocks. Buffer manager – it is the subsystem responsible for allocating buffer space in main memory.

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Storage File Structure

Storage Hierarchy

  • Primary Storage: Fastest media but volatile (cache, main memory)
  • Secondary Storage: next level in hierarchy, non-volatile, moderately fast access time; also called on-line storage (flash memory, magnetic disks)
  • Tertiary Storage: lowest level in hierarchy, non-volatile, slow access time; also called off-line storage (magnetic tape, optical storage)

Following are the tutorial and homework subjects that we give training and online classes :

  • Physical Storage Media
  • Magnetic Disks
  • RAID
  • Tertiary Storage
  • Storage Access
  • File Organization
  • Organization Of Records In Files

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