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Statistics Proportion: Using Minitab

It is a popular myth that men are heavier drinkers than women.


To test this, random samples of 875 Men and 854 Women are selected from a Saturday afternoon football crowd, and given a standard sobriety test; 435 men and 378 women failed the test. Do these results support the popular myth? Give a reason for your answer; using minitab attach document in tutorial


Null Hypothesis:
H0: proportion

Alternative Hypothesis:
statistics proportionH1:

Test Statistic:

Z =statistics Assignment Help where statistics

We obtain the result using Minitab

Sample N Sample p
1 435 875 0.497143
2 378 854 0.442623


Difference = p (1) - p (2)
Estimate for difference: 0.0545199
95% lower bound for difference: 0.0150918
Test for difference = 0 (vs > 0): Z = 2.27 P-Value = 0.011

Fisher's exact test: P-Value = 0.013

At α=0.05, since the p value is < 0.05, we reject the null hypothesis, thus we conclude that that men are heavier drinkers than women.

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