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StarUML is a used to design UML diagrams and it is an Open source prefect used to develop fast, flexible, extensible, featureful and freely-available UML/ will help you in your Homework or Assignments related to StarUml Tool for designing UML Diagrams.

How to give the details of the StarUML for desining uml diagrams for Usecase Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Package Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Startchart Diagrams and many more. It supports Java, C #, C++ Language

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Example of StarUML

Features of StarUML for UML Diagrams

  • Supports all UML Diagrams.

  • It is uses its own file format with the .uml extension.

  • It can export the model to raster image format, JPEG and Vector image format and it cannot export the model to SVG and PNG format.

  • It can import file from XMI and Rational Rose file format

  • Generate code from the model

  • It supports MDA Technology.

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StarUML Assignment Help