Introduction of Software Engineering:

Software Engineering is a field of Computer science, which is for designing and writing programs for computers or other electronic devices. A software engineer writes software (or changes existing software) using methods that make it better quality. The better quality software is easier to use and codes are easier to understand, maintain and to add new features. Software engineering is an engineering discipline which is concerned with all aspects of software production. The software engineers should adopt a systematic and organised approach to their work and use appropriate tools and techniques depending on the problem to be solved.

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Features of Software Engineering

  • Software engineering is disciplined engineering work,
  • Software engineering offers means to build high-quality efficient software at affordable prices and
  • Software engineering offers task allocation and tools for all software building phases.

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Characteristics of Software:

  1. The software costs are concentrated in engineering (analysis and design) and not in production.
  2. Software does not wear out (in the physical sense).
  3. Software has no replacement (spare) parts.
  4. The software maintenance is a difficult problem and is very different from hardware (physical product) maintenance.
  5. Most software is custom-built.
  6. Many legal issues are involved.

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