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It can be define by, identifying correctness, completeness and quality of developed computer software. In this process application is running under positive and negative both situations. It can be done by manual or automatic. It shows results of:

  • Specification
  • Functionality
  • Performance

It is a precaution of mission failure, and do impact on operational performance and reliability for working properly. It could be give best quality of software product and can satisfy user’s requirements. In software testing we can detect Error, occurring of faults and failure of systems. These are occur one-by-one, when error occurs in software programming, then automatically fault is occur in system and the result is system failure.

It is followed by several stages such as:

  • Test planning.
  • Test case analysis
  • Test designing
  • Test construction
  • Testing Cycle
  • Final testing
  • Post implementation

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And here some testing cycles are:

Unit testing: : In this testing, you have to test individually each module. It is followed by white box testing methods.

Integration Testing: This step is come after unit testing, in this step modules will connect on the basis of HLD integration testing. It is dependent modules development.

System testing: : It comes after integration testing which was done by white box method and generate some .exe build which called integrated files and that file performs black box testing in which it performs following tasks:

  • Usability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing

Alpha Testing: In this testing users works and those users who doesn’t know anything about that application. It is perform on the developer’s site and fully controlled by developers.

Acceptance Testing: It is conducted to show that system is satisfy or not the acceptance criteria and to enable the customer show that system is accept or not. This test is final step before software deploying and this test is verify that software is ready to use or not.

Software Testing Concepts Assignment Help

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