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Search engine is a tool which is web-based that enables user to locate information over the internet. Some of the example of search engines are Google, Yahoo! And MSN Search. It utilizes automated software application which travel along the web, from page to a site. Spiders gathered the information and create a searchable index of the web from by structured those information. Different search engines use different techniques to generate search results. It take key element of a web page which include page title, content, keyboard density and rank up them in the results. Results are represented in the line of results which is known as Search engine results pages(SERP)

How does search engine work

All search engines mainly use three approaches to do search they are managing, ranking and returning search results. Most of the web users dun known what happened behind the search box so this is time so solve your general query. So every search goes through these three functions that we are going to discuss.

Web Crawling

Web crawling is also known as spider and web robot which search out the results that publish over web by copying the query and checking for the multitude of pages to see if they are changed and make of copy if changes found in the same page.


Once the crawler crawled a requested web page then its copy returned to the search engine and stored in a data center, they are huge repository which contain copy of web pages being made by the crawler. Repository is nothing but an index of pages which store the data in organized way and used to provide search results quickly.


In repository we have huge collection of web pages copies that are constantly updated and organized so in that we need to find out what the user is looking for. Before that we needs method by which they are ranked in order of relevance to search terms here the concept of algorithm comes. Algorithms are applied to find a value for the given site in terms of search.

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Search Engine Working

Keywords for search engines

Keyword should be like that which help customer to find their desired results. So determining your best keyword for search engines is one of the important step. A vendor should have good knowledge of keywords if he want more customers look out for their web page or website. What exactly matter in keyword research is figuring out words and phrase your potential customer.

What are web Portals?

Web Portals is a specially designed website that serve a single access point for information and considered to be a library which contain personalized and categorized content. It also helps in search navigation, notification, personalization, information integration. Also support some high features like task management, collaboration, business intelligence and application integration. Web portals are known by simply portals. They are also going to provide a particular look and feel for organizations and access control and procedures. Can be accessible from multiple platform like personal computers, cellphones, smart phones and electronic devices. Web portals can handle both type of information either structured or unstructured.