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Scripting The GNU or Linux Shell Assignment Help

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It is a type of programming languages. The shell script is mostly use by Linux programmer due to some good features for programming languages such as:

1. Due to smooth and simple interface which have hundreds of Unix utilities.

2. Due to automatic increase of wildcards into a list of file names.

3. Variables can automatically spilt into their constituent parts.

Any shell script is made-up of file which have one or more commands which you have to write on command line. Here I am going to show you some command which is frequently uses in scripting

Basic Commands are:

  • $HOME:-For home directory.
  • $PWD:- for working in current directory.
  • $mkdir: for making new directory.
  • $cp: copy the file in directory.
  • $mv: move files.
  • $touch: Change file timestamp.
  • $useradd: Add a new user or update default new user updates.

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How to Give a name of script:

Going to make a new file name sample, command is:

$ type sample

Sample is a shell builtin

$ type –a sample

Sample is a shell builtin

Sample is /usr/bin/sample

Command for selecting a directory for the script:

/bin: /usr/bin:/usr/local/bin: /usr/games

You have to give a path name for your program if your program is not in one of the PATH directories. Such as /home/ username/bin/hw or as bin/hw.

  • To create directory bin use the command : mkdir bin
  • And add it into the PATH variable:PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin

scripting-the-GNU-or-Linux-Shell Assignment Helpscripting-the-GNU-or-Linux-Shell Assignment Help

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