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Introduction to S-block Elements:

The s-block elements consist of the alkali metals and alkaline earth metals, plus hydrogen and helium. Other elements of the s-block are all extremely powerful reducing agents that they never occur naturally in the Free State. Hydrogen and helium electrons are very easily lost to form positive ions in S-block elements. The helium configuration is chemically exceedingly stable and thus helium has no known stable compounds therefore these are generally grouped with the noble gases. The metallic forms of these elements can only be extracted by electrolysis of a molten salt. Water is much more easily reduced to hydrogen than the ions of these metals. The s-block metals vary from extremely soft (all the alkali metals) to quite hard (beryllium).

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Characteristic properties of s-block elements:

  1. Metallic character

  2. Low electro negativity

  3. Basic oxides, hydroxides

  4. Ionic bond with fixed oxidation states

  5. Characteristic flame colors

  6. Weak tendency to from complex

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