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Using Validation Tools: Prototyping, Survey Review, Document Review & User Requirements

Requirement validation

As we know development of the software is start to begin once the requirements document is ready. Requirement validation consist document is to check whether delivered software is acceptable or not and for that it is necessary to ensure that requirement specification contain no error also specify user requirements correctly. Sometimes it is also known as SRS stands for software requirements specification. If SRS contain any error that would be detect after sometime can affect cost when the software handed over to the client/user. Because SRS written by the business analyst of the company who is going to gather the user requirement and translate it into software language, if he will do any mistake to write requirement then it directly affect the cost of the software that company taking from client. So it is quite desirable to detect error in the requirement before the development of the software begins. To learn about all the issue related to the requirement get help from our expert tutors that are going to tell you performance of requirement validation. Click here to submit your requirement. The next phase of validation produced the work products as a consequences of requirements
engineering that are examined for the consistency of the document.

Requirement document review

One of the basic purpose of the requirement document is to ensure that the SRS reflects the actual requirements accurately and clearly. There are some other objectives they are: To certify SRS contain an acceptable description of the system that need to be implemented. To ensure the actual requirement that are reflected in the SRS. To check the requirements for some of the aspects like completeness, accuracy, consistency, requirement conflict. This determine whether the requirements are strongly build to design the system. There are some problem that user face during requirement validation they are: unclear stated requirements, conflicting requirements are not detected during requirements analysis, errors in the requirements analysis and lack of conformance to quality standards. So to avoid such problems, requirements review is conducted that is going to consist a review team that performs a systematic analysis of the requirements and the team consist of software engineers, users and other stake holders who is going to solve the problems.

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Requirement validation Technique

Requirement validation technique are either used individually or in conjunction with other techniques to check the entire system. Selection depends upon the size of the system to be developed. Now we are going to discuss some of the techniques. Prototyping: the technique is basically use for validating new requirements of the system which is going to provide a feedback to the user about the requirement. Let’s take an example to understand the technique of prototyping. Once a user approved prototype that consist of GUI, he the user interface can also be consider validated.