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Introduction to Redox Reactions:

Redox reactions involve the transfer of electrons between two chemical species. In this reaction one compound loses an electron and other gains electrons. Compound which gains electron is said to be reduced and which loses electron is said to be oxidized. A compound that is oxidized is referred to as a reducing agent and reduced is referred to as the oxidizing agent. Redox reaction is any chemical reaction in which the oxidation number of a atom, molecule, or ion changes by gaining or losing an e-. Some examples include combustion, photosynthesis, respiration, and corrosion or rusting.

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Example of Redox Reactions:

Cu(s) + 2Ag+(aq) -> Cu2+(aq) + 2Ag(s)

Ox. #: 0 +1 0

  • Note that the 1/2 reactions are combined to make a full reaction

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Types of Redox Reactions:

Redox Reactions Assignment Help
  1. Combination Reaction
  2. Decomposition Reaction
  3. Single Replacement Reaction
  4. Double Replacement Reaction

Guidelines to assigning OSs as follows:

  • The OS of an individual atom is 0.
  • Group 1 metals have an OS of +1 and group 2 an OS of +2
  • The OS of fluorine is -1, when in compounds
  • Hydrogen generally has an OS of +1 in compounds
  • Oxygen generally has an OS of -2 in compounds
  • Group 17 elements have an OS of -1, group 16 of -2, and group 15
    of -3 in binary metal compounds.

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