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Introduction to Radiobiology

The branch of science in which we study of the action of ionizing radiation on living things is called Radiobiology. Another name of radiobiology is radiation biology. Simply the word radiation means “the energy that is emitted from the source.” It is also used for describing the emitted particle like alpha and beta radiation.

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Uses: Radiation therapy for the treatment of cancers and thyrotoxicosis.

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Terms related to Radiobiology:-

  1. Ionizing radiation:

    • The Ionizing radiation include highly energetic electromagnetic radiation
      like x-rays, gamma rays or cosmic rays.

  2. Nonionizing radiation:

    • It include ultraviolet radiation, microwaves and extralow-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation.

  3. Particulate Radiation:

    • Like alpha particles, beta particles, neutrons or heavy charged ions.

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