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Multimedia means combination of different kind of digital media types like text, image, sounds and video into multi-sensor communicative application. It is basically accessed through information content processing device like computerized and electronic devices, but it may be give live performance. It is a type electronic devices and it can store all multimedia contents. It can be defined as combination of two or more media like images and sounds or may be animation. And in field of education multimedia term represents computer based systems, which is use to integrate links to permit users to retrieve information.


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In computer science various type of programming languages are developed, and some of them are use to create multimedia for web applications and advanced website making. Such as Java, JavaScript and .NET etc. At initial stage we use python programming language. And JES is programming tool which is preferable. It will execute on Linux platform. JES divided in two part one is program area and another is command area.

Program area: In this part you can write your programs and project names which you want to create. It is basically a text editor as like Microsoft word.

Command Area: : In this area you can give command to system to do operations. And in this you can write your commands and press enter, system will interpret your codes.

Media computation in JES:

Simply start your command area and give some command like “print” such as

  • >>> print “Hello”
  • "Hello"
  • >>> print” Hello” + ”John”
  • Hello John

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Programming in Python:

It can understand several mathematical operations, it can also make differences between different types of numbers like integers and floating points, and strings which starts and ends with quotes. It also know what is functions, such as “ord” function which help in input value and in the as the result of output you will get ASCII mapping for character.

>>> print ord (“ B”) 68

One more function is pick a file in which you have to no need of write input function or “ord” rather then give print command with writing pickAfile() such as

  • >>> print pickAFile() and you get /Users/guzdial/mediasources/magic.jpg
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Some important objects and functions:

Simply start your command area and give some command like “print” such as

  • objects: File Name: It is just string, which represents a path and origin of file name.
  • Pictures: It is coded for images and it is use in JPEG format.
  • Sounds: It is coded for sounds in the WAV file format.
  • Functions ord: give equivalent output in numeric form for input character.
  • abs: it takes number input and give absolute output.
  • pickAFile: it helps you in taking a file and give you complete path name as a string without input.
  • makePicture: you can take any file as input, then reads file and then develop a picture.
  • Show: It gives as input without return value.
  • MakeSound: First take input file, then read and develop sound.
  • Play: playing of sound needs input without return value.

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