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Programming syntax

In programming syntax refers to, check the spelling and grammar of a programming language. The expected form of the computer language that you type and understand from the computer is called the syntax. Syntax tells the correct sequence of the symbols that used for the correctly structured program that build using a given programming language. A programmer can communicate with the computer through the structured syntax and check semantics and grammar of the programming language. It also contain strings similar to words that similar to human languages. A correctly formed syntax string can produce syntactically correct sentences.


There are many of the programming languages that use the concept of a statement which is a command that programmer gives to the computer. It can cause to any computer to carry out some definite action that a programmer wants to do. Usually we use a command “print” to show the details on the screen, don’t relate this with printer’s print they both are totally different. So the programmer gives the statement directly to the computer or he can create a text file and put the command in the text file. If a file has more than one command in it. Then computer will display sequentially in it and done as per the process they are going to perform.

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In the field of programming we can define variable as a value that can change by depending on the conditions or the information passed to the program. Basically a program consist of instructions that tells the computer to perform some task. The type of data consist of constants or fixed values that never changed and the value of variable generally initialized with 0 and with the some other default value. Same like variables, constants also define as a certain data types that limits the form of the data.


We can define keywords in programming as a reserved word that provide special meaning in programming. A keyword can be used in commands or parameters of any programming language, which has a set of keyword that cannot be used as a variable names that’s why they are sometimes known as reserved names. There are some of the points that need to remember for keywords. They are used only for the intended purpose. It cannot be used as programmer defined identifier and never be used as names of variables.

Programming logic

Programming logic involves logical operations and works according to logical principles and give quantifiable results. It has its roots in the advancement of computer science also has fundamental constructs that applied to computer science in different comprehensive ways. The logic start with only hard and fast logic that compiled in sophisticated algorithm which expressed in programming languages like Prolog. There are different ways to deal with the numbers and logical states that apply to specific operators to give precise results.