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Physics Assignment Help Order Now Power is defined as the rate at which work is done. If an amount of work DW is done in a time interval Dt, then the average power is defined to be
Pav = Power formula

The SI unit of power is J/s which is given the name watt (W) in the honour of James Watt.

Thus, 1 W = 1 J/s.

The instantaneous power is the limiting value of Pav as Dt ® 0; that is
P = Power formula

The work done by force F on a object that has an infinitesimal displacement ddisplacement is

dW = force Since the velocity of the object is velocity formula, the instantaneous power may be written as P = power formula =force

or P = power formula

Since the work and energy are closely related, a more general definition of power is the rate of energy transfer from one body to another, or the rate at which energy is transformed from one form to another.
power formula

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