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Photoshop: It is a technique, which is another common software interface, which mirror virtual typewriters and graphic paper. It makes an artist's virtual studio/darkroom. By the use of photoshop you can palpate your images. It is a huge program.

Photoshop Uses:

1. To correct your digital images color, prepare them for make hyperlinks, printing or web, web pages design.

2. You can also make gif animations, work with video, 3D content, you can also create new images painting or drawing them with drawing tools.

3. In Photoshop you can create real and unreal compositions using masking tools and many, and other things.

Web Animation: In the background of Web applications, educational multimedia, and television advertising computer-based animation is highly creating its impression as a basis for active information delivery. The availability is accessible for users animation packages, such as Flash and Director from Macromedia, means that growing numbers of would-be animators are turning their ambitions to the creation of engaging and entertaining moving images. This growth of animation in Web pages echoes the take up of HTML.

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Principles for Animation :

1. Do not divert attention from salient information.

2. Avoid confusions.

3. Allow suitable exposure time interval.

4. Maintain the lactions and organisation of objects.

5. Support animations with textual and auditory information.

6. Adhere with the Co-operative Maxims.

7. Comply to colour conventions.

Photoshop Uses and Web animation Assignment Help

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