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P-Block Elements

In periodic table group 13 to group 18 belongs to P-block element. The last electron in p-block elements enters the outermost p orbital. Three to eight electrons are present in the outermost shell of p-block elements. All the three types of elements are present which are Metals, Non-Metals and Metalloids in the p-block elements. Metals are found on the left of the line, and non-metals are those on the right. Along the line we find the metalloids. The p-block includes all non-metals and semimetals, along with the post-transition metals.

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Characteristic Properties of elements in p-block Elements:

  • Electronic Configuration
  • Metallic Character
  • Atomic Density
  • Melting and Boiling points
  • Oxidation state
  • Atomic and Ionic radii
  • Electrode Potential
  • Ionisation Energies
  • Magnetic Properties
  • Complex Formation
  • Chemical Reactivity
  • Colour
  • Flame coloration

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