How to Organize Data Using Data Structures: Files, Arrays, Lists and Others

File structure

Computer system has to handle multiple instances of some records in most of the situations and the record can be of students in an University, library books records and many more. As we know every file contain data field so that it can uniquely identify each record in a file. There are different number of ways to organise files like sequential, Hash, Clustered, Heap file organisation. To know about another file organisation ways get help from our expert tutors. Click here to submit your requirement. In sequential order records are placed in sequential order that based on the unique key. So in other words we can define file as a collection of records that of the same type with a well understood reason to be considered together.

Link list

lists sometimes also known as linked list is a linear data structure that consist of number of elements that also known as node. We can define linked list as a sequence of elements that are connected via link and each element encompasses of two filed one for data and second one is for reference. Linked list are advantages over array, as we know array are the static data structures and cannot easily extend or reduced the data set once it is specified. They are also difficult to maintain because they are expensive as every time new insertion and deletion of element take higher cost. As linked list is dynamic data structure and number of nodes can grow or shrink according to demand.

Records in Data Structure

In the database management systems we can define record as a complete set of information which is composed of fields and each of field contain an item of information. In the field of programming record is a combination of other data objects that can contain objects of different data types like integer, a floating point number, and a character string. Lets take an example to understand the concept of records it might be a personal file that contain three different fields like a name field, address and phone number. In the relational database we can define record as a tuples.

Tables in Data Structure

Tables in data structure mainly represented as Hash tables. Primary purpose of hash tables is to introduce key/value and associate relationship between them and sometimes hash tables use to implement an associative array. Hash tables widely used in computer software because they are more efficient than search trees. By using hash tables this will reduce the table size. It support lookup table very efficiently by looking for the keys and the subsequent value associated with that key.

Tree in Data Structure

Tree is advanced and powerful data structure that is used in many advanced subjects like AI and compiler design. The concept of tree is very important even for the basic applications to keeping the efficient index value. In data structure tree represents nodes that are connected from edges. Whenever tree database is used most of the time index is involved which provide fast lookup that can use binary search to locate any item without looking at each turn in sequence.