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Operating System Lesson Plans

Lessons In Operating System

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An operating system is actually part of almost every computer system. Some type of computer program could be divided roughly into 4 elements: the hardware, the operating system, the application programs, and the user.

Figure 1.1 abstract views of the components of a computer system

abstract views of the components of a computer system

A mechanism for scheduling jobs or processes. Scheduling cab be as easy as running the next process, or it can use relatively complicated guidelines to choose the operating procedure.

A method for simultaneous CPU executing as well as IO handling. Processing is going on even as Io is occurring in Preparation for future CPU work.

Off line processing; not only are IO(input output) and CPU(Central processing unit) happing concurrently, but some off-board processing is using with the IO.

The actual CPU is actually wasted is really a work waits for I/O. This particular results in:

* Multiprogramming (dynamic switching). while one job waits for a resource, the CPU can find another job to run. It means that several jobs are ready to run and only need the CPU in order to continue.

Storage Hierarchy

hardware support storage hierarchy

Very fast storage is very costly. Therefore the operating system manages a hierarchy of storage devices in order to make the very best utilization of resource. Actually, considerable effort goes into this support.

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