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Operating System Online Course

Online Operating Systems Course

We at assignmenthelp provide online operating systems course Homework Help as well as operating system online courses Assignment Help to college students in the just about all grade towards the university as well as move on degree. Operating System Manage system devices, user representation stations and printers Other Operating Systems Course in.

An Operating System exploits the hardware equipment with a number of processors to provide a set of services to program users. An Operating System also manages secondary memory and input/output products with respect to its users.

Structural Elements Of A Computer

  1. Processor : Controls the computation of the machine and its Data Processing functions. A single processor is often termed as the Central Processing Unit.
  2. Main Memory : Stores data and programs. This module is typically unstable. Contents of this memory are not preserved even when the computer is shut down.
  3. I/O Modules : Moves data between the computer and its external environment, such as disks, data communication equipments, and terminals.
  4. System Bus : Provides for communication between processors, principal memory, and I/O modules.

Schematic Diagram Of A Computer System

Online operating systems course help

  • INPUT: Input devices (Keyboard, Mouse etc.) (RAW MATERIALS)
  • OUTPUT: Output devices (VDU, Printers etc. ) (FINISHED PRODUCTS)
  • MEMORY: Main memory (Volatile – commonly known as RAM) (GODOWN / INVENTORY)
  • CONTROL UNIT: A device that generates Signals to command other units that what to do and what not to. (TOP MANAGEMENT)
  • ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit – The unit that performs the computations. (MACHINES)

Topics Include

  • Operating systems design and implementation
  • Basic structure
  • Synchronization and communication mechanisms
  • Implementation of processes, process management, scheduling, and protection
  • Memory organization and management, including virtual memory
  • I/O device management, secondary storage, and file systems
  • Understand the purpose of the operating system,
  • Distinguish between a resource, a program, and a process,
  • Recognize critical resources and explain the behavior of semaphores,
  • Describe various memory page replacement algorithms, and
  • Describe how files are stored in secondary storage.

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