Object-Oriented Programming Assignment Help

Introduction for Object-oriented programming:

An object-oriented program consists of one or more objects that interact with one another to solve a problem. Object contains state information (data, represented by other objects) and operations (code). Objects interact by sending messages to each other. Messages are like procedure calls and the procedures are called methods. The object is an instance of a class, which determines what data the object keeps as state information and what messages the object understands. Objects in object-oriented programming correspond to variables and constants in structured programming. The protocol of the class is the set of messages that its instances understand. Classes in object-oriented programming correspond to types. The object of a particular class has the same structure as every other object of that class.

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Fundamental features and concepts of Object-oriented programming:

  • Encapsulation enforces modularity.
  • Inheritance passes "knowledge" down.
  • Dynamic dispatch.
  • Encapsulation.
  • Sub type polymorphism.
  • Object inheritance (or delegation).
  • Open recursion.
  • Polymorphism takes any shape.

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Object-Oriented Programming Assignment Help


// The HelloWorld class definition.
class HelloWorld
HelloWorld () {}  // Constructor.
~HelloWorld () {}  // Destructor.
void print()
printf("Hello World!\n");
};  // Note that a semicolon is required here.
// The main progam.
int main()
HelloWorld a; // Create a HelloWorld object.
a.print();  // Send a "print" message to the object.
return 0;

The goals of object-oriented programming are:

  • Increased understanding.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Ease of evolution.

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