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Media, Democracy and Economics

Media Democracy and economics involves a basic understanding of the relationship between media and Democracy involving the historical perspectives by outlining the definition and forms of democracy and the role of freedom of Expression in a democracy. The media acts like an armor to safeguard the human rights in a democracy and brings about a proper implementation of human rights in democratic countries.

Themes explored in the course on Media Democracy and Economics

This course will analyze the role of media in political and economic development. This course explores the contours of the history of the relationship between media and the state and the present form of relationship between media and democracy today in various parts of the world. The course undertakes a thorough reading and understanding of the First Amendment in US law and argues for various human rights and freedoms of expressions such as the right to publish, right to receive and obtain information, right to access public information and argues as to how these freedoms shall be implemented keeping view of the national security and without impinging upon anyone’s privacy.


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Media can often also work to enhance citizen participation in a democracy and can make the working of the government much more transparent and accountable to its citizens. The well-established normative role of the media revolves around aspects of social responsibility objectivity, authoritarian role, libertarian perspective and a soviet communist argument. In a democracy media is often touted as the fourth estate and brings about emancipation of the civic life. Media plays an important role in overall framing and development of the public policies as well by bringing to the for front the needs of the community as well providing the actual and clear representations of the government policies and information for overall benefit of the citizens.

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