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Fundamentals of managerial economics, Marginal Analysis, Market Forces: Demand and Supply

Quantitative Demand Analysis: price elasticity of demand, cross price elasticity, arc elasticity of demand, linear and non-linear regression, consumer surplus, producer surplus and dead weight loss

Consumer Behaviour: Budget constraint, Consumer equilibrium, Price effect, Income effect and substitution effect, Indifference curve analysis and law of demand,

Theory of production: production process, law of variable proportions, Isoquants and isocosts, Average and Marginal costs, average and marginal products, economies of scale and diseconomies of scale, economies of scope, Increasing and decreasing returns to scale,

Organization of firms: procuring inputs through spot exchange, contracts and producing inputs internally, transactions costs, bargaining, human capital, specialized investments, managerial compensations, principle-agent problem, vertical integration and performance payment.

Nature of industry: Market structure, firm size, Industry concentration, calculation of HHI, pricing strategy, integration and mergers, vertical integration, horizontal integration, conglomerate mergers, research and development, advertising, optimal advertising decisions

Market structure: Profit maximization condition, Short run and long run equilibrium, perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, product differentiation, multiplant decisions, sources of monopoly powers, barriers to entry: patents, trademarks, monopoly power, shut down condition, marginal revenue and marginal cost, comparative statics

managerial economics homework help

Pricing strategy under perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, oligopolistic competition and monopsony.

Oligopoly Models: Sweezy Oligopoly, Cournot oligopoly, Reactions functions and equilibrium, isoprofit curves, collusion, Bertrand equilibrium, stackelberg oligopoly model, contestable markets, collusion of OPEC, case study OPEC, differentiated product Bertrand oligopoly

Game Theory & Strategic Thinking: Prisoner’s dilemma, Nash equilibrium, Simultaneous games, zero sum games, coordinated decisions, price wars, simultaneous moves, one-shot games, infinitely repeated games, present value, Collusion and pricing games, finitely repeated games, Snake-oil salesman, multistage games, entry strategy in international market : sprinkler or waterfall?

Pricing Strategies: Simple pricing strategies in monopoly, pricing rule for cournot oligopoly and monopolistic competition, extracting consumer surplus, price discrimination, first degree price discrimination, second degree price discrimination, third degree price discrimination, perfect price discrimination, two-part pricing, bundling, commodity bundling, block pricing, peak-load pricing, cross-subsidies, transfer pricing, price matching, brand loyalty, randomized pricing,

Economics of Information: Mean, variance and expectation, uncertainty in consumer behaviour, risk analysis, risk averse, producer search , asymmetric information, adverse selection, moral hazard, signalling and screening, auctions, English auctions, Dutch auctions, first price sealed bid auction, second price sealed bid auction, reserve price, information structures, private value

Government in Market: Market failure, market power, antitrust policy regulation, externality, clean air act, public goods, insider trading, incomplete information, advertising, contracts, rent seeking, quotas, tariff, subsidy, excise tariff, lump sum tariff

Business strategy: Limit Pricing, Preentry Price Postentry profit, reputation effects, learning curve effects, predatory pricing, raising rival’s cost, vertical foreclosure, price-cost squeeze, first move advantage, second mover advantage, penetration pricing, network effects, network externality,

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