LucidChart Assignment Help

It is developed to solve complicated UML diagrams, in which all activity diagram, class diagrams, and use case diagrams is included. And this charts give professional look in UML diagram documentation. As we know that UML have advantage is independent to programming language, it is not a method, but it gives many diagrams types which can be utilized under any method to increase understandings.

Activity diagram: it represents procedural flow of controls inbetween class objects, and organizational process such any business workflow charts.


How to create LucidChart:

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  • At start, select any drawing medium like pencil-paper, marker or white-board etc., but developer use flowchart developer software tools and also you can start with trial version of LucidChart.
  • Make a list of your process steps like what happens in next step and process etc.
  • In third step you have to add shapes and symbols and start with elongated circle shapes by dragging on canvas and text into them.
  • Now comes on first question or process into rectangular boxes. And continue to process with adding each steps.
  • Outside option means you almost done your work, but before finished make sure that your chart is comprehensive and thoroughly.

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