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Lowering in Vapour Pressure

When a non volatile solute is present in the solution, the vapour pressure of the solution will be less than vapour pressure of pure solvent.

Lowering in vapour pressure is directly proportional to the mole fraction of solute.

The relative lowering in vapour pressure is equal to the mole fraction of solute

Chemistry Homework Help = XB.

In above discussion B is a non volatile solute and A is pure liquid. Let us consider

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Chemistry Project Help (where ‘n’ and ‘N’ are moles of solute and solvent respectively).

For dilute solutions n << N, hence Chemistry Help

\ liquid solution

Online Chemistry Tutor = Vapour pressure of pure solvent

PS = Vapour pressure of solutions

n = Moles of solute

N = Moles of solvent

W = Mass of solvent in grams

m = Molecular mass of solute

w = Mass of solute in grams

M = Molecular mass of solvent

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