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Lithosphere Assignment Help

Introduction to Lithosphere

In Greek Lithos means for rocky Lithosphere, so the Lithosphere is the outermost shell of the earth. The earth is consists of three main layers i.e. the core, or the inner layer, the mantle, in the middle, and the crust which is consists of continents and ocean floor. Its range is about 100 kilometer (60 miles) deep in most places, include the brittle upper portion of the mantle and the crust.

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Types of Lithosphere are, as follows:

Lithosphere Assignment Help
  1. Oceanic lithosphere

    -->The Oceanic lithosphere is associated with oceanic crust and exists in the ocean basins. The mean density is about 2.9 gram per cubic centimeter.

  2. Continental lithosphere

    -->Continental lithosphere is associated with continental crust. Its mean density is about 2.7 gram per cubic centimeter

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