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Singly, Doubly, And Multiply Linked Lists

Singly linked lists take nodes which have a data field as rise as a next field, which points to the next node in the linked list.

Example:A singly linked list whose nodes contain two fields: an integer value and a link to the next node.

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In a double linked list, each node contains, besides the next-node link, a back link field pointing to the previous node in the order. The two links may be called forward and backwards, or next and prev.

Example: A doubly linked list whose nodes contain three fields: an integer value, the link forward to the next node, and the link backward to the previous node

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The technique known as XOR-linking allows a doubly linked list to be implemented using a single link field in each node. However, this technique requires the power to do bit operations on addresses, and therefore may not be accessible in some high-level languages.

In a multiply linked list, each node contains two or more line fields, each field being used to link the same set of data records in a different order (e.g., by name, by department, by date of birth, etc.). (While double linked lists can be seen as special cases of multiply linked list, the fact that the two orders are opposition to each other leads to simpler and much efficacious algorithms, so they are commonly treated as a secernate case.)

In the case of a circular doubly linked list, the only change that occurs is that end, or " tail ", of the said list is linked back to the front, or " head ", of the list and vice versa.

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