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It is the process by which any organization develop some value from their knowledge based tools and property. By the help of this system we can create, proclamation, and utilization of knowledge. It is applicable in IT organization basically, in which it play important role in transferring effective and efficient knowledge. On KMS many researchers gives their views and definition such as Alavi and Leinder explained KMS is a class of information system which is applied for managing organizational knowledge.

KMS have some characteristics which makes it efficient:

Comprehensive Platform: We can say that it is not an application system which targeted at single perspective, but we can say that it is a platform where it can be used either as a IT to support knowledge processes or we can say that it is integration based system in which have capacity to develop KM application. Platform is divided in two category:

  • User based approach which focus only on processes
  • IT based, which focus on knowledge distribution and collection.

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Advanced Knowledge Service: It perform several integrated services because it is ICT platform. Documentation, content management, and collaboration etc. are basic services. And personalization, analysis of text, defining category, clustering, these are advanced services which increase the relevance of retrieved information, navigation in advanced graphical technique, workshops, and some awareness services.

Processes:It is generated to support and increase knowledge level and intensive task, operations etc. It will support some knowledge operations like new innovations or creations, organization, retrieval of information, filtration and packaging, recycling etc.

Aims: It gives prior knowledge from past to transfer on present activities, which make more effective level of organizations. In technological system of KM which also comprehend person-oriented and organizational instruments which targeted as enhancing productivity of knowledge.

Specific of knowledge: It can help you in assimilation to access to source of knowledge, by gathering shared context help, it can enhanced breadth of knowledge transferring between persons instead of kept by knowledge itself.

Perspectives of KMS:

Here many researcher gives their different views of knowledge perspectives and how it can be managed. As I prior mention about Alavi and Leinder, they define knowledge by three different views which is: Object, Process and capabilities. By their views knowledge is an object, which related to access of information, and the implication is the key of KM develops on developing and managing informations.

And when we can take it in terms of process, which means KM must be focus on how information could be innovate or develop, share, collection and distributions between persons which work within same organization.

And when we can take it in terms of capabilities, KM will take employee to develop their skill, capacity to increase productivity. These above three views show how to design KMS and what is the main objective of KMS. KMS must have characteristic that managing information as well as facilitate person to stay in touch.

Knowledge Management Systems Assignment Help

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