Keyboard and Mouse Ergonomics Assignment Help

What is Ergonomics?

Study of Ergonomics determine the interaction between humans and other elements of a system, which is related to a work place. When it is applied to the computer it is concerned with the things like: The type of chair on which user sited, posture sitting at the chair, height of the desk, distance from user’s eye to computer also involve number of other factors. It is a design of computer system which are easier to use and put less strain on your body. Further we look two types of devices keyboards and mice.

Ergonomic Keyboard

These keyboards are designed in v shape because in natural when you brings your hands together they are placed at an angle. This makes it to type at a slightly different angle which is more natural. Which reduces strain and many more related problems. Some keyboard design split the keyboard into two halves and half for each hand so under that half side all the keys come should operate by one hand. Designers exclaimed that ergonomic keyboard reduce injury to some extent but they are limited evidence to back up these claims most of the time it depends on individual preferences. These keyboards are expensive then the regular ones, but also give a little more comfort.

Ergonomics Keyboard

Advantages of using Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Aim is to reduce stress on your wrists and forearms while typing.
  • V shape design of the keyboard gives angle to match the shape of your wrist when typing.
  • Useful for frequent user, especially to the user who do lot of typing so that they are comfortable with the keyboard
  • Buying ergonomic keyboard is the great investment for your health. It’ll save your hands, forearms, wrist from discomfort by making you productive an allowing you to work for many hours. It will save you in the long run.

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Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomic mouse are used to prevent injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. As the price is high but who can put a price on health? The reason why users experience discomfort and pain in wrist and hands because ordinary mouse is not the best fit. An ergonomic mouse prevent undue stress on your forearm because while doing work you are not noticing on your wrist that how much sort of twist when you using it. So it comes in multiple size according to hand side also and for left hand users. An ergonomic natural adapts your position. An ordinary mouse is also too slippery. This cause to tense our fingers to keep around mouse while using it. Just take an example how much more effort you take to walk a slippery floor have you notice how much your body get tensed this is similar with the hands while using ordinary mouse.

Advantages of using Ergonomic Mouse

  • More natural grip: when you choosing the ergonomic mouse this would be a right shape and size for your hands with the more easier hold. This will ease tendon and muscle fatigue in your hands, elbow and arms
  • Better support: it will provide better support as compared to ordinary mouse because it is in the right size for your hands.
  • Assume natural wrist position: By itself assume the natural position of the user hand while working, prevent to twist your arm.
  • Less effort and energy when using mouse: Reduce tension because it is not slippery in your hands and on your mousepad.