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Intranet and Extranet: Comparing Information and Data Dissemination

What is Intranet?

The word intranet is composed of two words “Intra” means within and “net” is for network. So the meaning of Intranet is “web within the network”. The designing for Intranet is mainly for internal communication because this is the private network that accessed only by authorized user of the network. Primary purpose of this network that it serve is internal communication. They are of many types some of them limited to LAN network means network’s system connected via LAN wire. Others are accessed from remote location over the intranet.

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If we talk about security local intranet are secure because accessed within the network while the intranet over WAN require login to access. Example of intranet network is an organization create such network allow the employees to securely share the files and messages to build up the business. Most of the intranet network provide interfaces which emphasis of information and tools that are accessed by the employees like task list, confidential files, calendars, project timeline, messaging tool to communicate with the other employees. Services of this network include Microsoft SharePoint, Huddle, Igloo and so on. The cost of the network depends on the size of the network and number of users.

What is Extranet?

Extranet network is a superset of intranet network. In other words we can say it is a private network which uses internet technology and public telecommunication system to securely share business information with the other businesses. Extranet described as the ”state of mind” and a way to do business with the other companies and to sell products to customers. This network requires security and privacy and include firewall server management, user authentication here the user is another company, use of VPNs. Using this network work is done quickly as compared to other manual systems. It helps to improve relation with the potential customers by giving them efficient information.

Difference between Intranet and Extranet

Difference Between Intranet and Extranet