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Internet Communication Assignment Help

Internet Communication: Twitter, Email, IM, Blogging & Newsgroups

There are numerous ways by which every next person can connect to others with the help of internet communication over the internet including some of the mediums like chat rooms, social networking sites, instant messaging(IM), email, industry forum, Feedback on blogs, web forms on website.

Examples of Internet Communication


Twitter is a Social networking website where many user are allow to publish their short messages in a range of 140 characters which is known as tweet. A person can found many reason to tweet that can be related to basic communication with friends, for business purpose regarding, its his way to publicize the event. It was founded in 2006 and comes after Facebook and Myspace. Default setting for twitter are public in which an user can follow any other no need to approve connection like we have to do in Facebook. To weave into a conversation and be a part of general topic, user need to add hash tag which is a meta tag in their post. This is expressed as #keyword.

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Full-form of email is electronic mail, which is defined as the transmission of message over communication network. Transmission message is typically a note which is entered or typed by using keyboard or it can be an electronic file stored or disk. Most of the systems like mainframe, minicomputer have in-built email system and some of the restricted to single computer network but some of them have gateways which enable user to send files anywhere they want in the whole world. Mostly companies use email because of its flexibility, reliable and fast.

Instant Messaging (IM)

This is a type of communication service which enables to create a private chat room with another individual to communicate in the real time environment over the internet. This communication is text based not voice base that done on telephone. This system will alert the user to seeing the list of online and user can initiate a chat session with anyone. This program is installed on your local computer what you need to do is login to this program and add other people using the same IM program. This also enable to send messages back and forth with the persons in your contact list, it also enable to create multiple chat rooms so that a person can communicate more than individuals at the same time, also share web videos and link, play sound and connect with you friends using voice chat.


A blog which is also known by weblog is a personal online diary which allow to share thoughts and ideas you can also add videos, games, pictures, visitors comments on your blog. The term blogging is the act of posting content on a blog. Nowadays blogs are useful which allow people to interact with each other on some topic. They become popular SEO tool because search engines like Google and yahoo knows that blog are frequently updated with content or visitor comments. Also use as a actual media that spreads new.


Newsgroup is an Internet-based discussion on a particular topic like sports, cars, investing, Teen problem and some other topics. User sends his message request to the news server which send him back to the other participating servers so that posted news can access by other users and can read the posting. Group can either be moderated or immoderate, Moderated where group person decide which posting will become the topic to discuss and immoderate where everything posting include in the discussion. To participate in any newsgroup you need to subscribe to it which is free of cost. All the groups are not accessible until and unless you know any person in that group.

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