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Introduction to Information Design:

Information design is concerned with transforming data into information and making the complex easier to understand and to use. It is closely related to the data visualization and is often taught as a part of graphic design. It is a rapidly growing discipline that draws on graphic design, applied linguistics, computing, applied ergonomics and other fields.

It emerged as a response to people's need to understand and use such things as forms, computer interfaces, legal documents and technical information. The output of an information design is sometimes expressed in written instructions, drawings, plans, sketches, or formal specifications.

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Specific design techniques that improve information design usability include:

  1. Grouping of related information
  2. Organizing and labelling information for coherent non-linear access
  3. Redundant access to topics is provided with cross-linking
  4. Flow of information to user task flow
  5. Using familiar terminology
  6. Providing immediate, transparent access to mission-critical.

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