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Input, Processing, Output & Feedback: Information System Components

Information Systems Components

Information systems components are hardware, software, database, network and people and theses five components integrated to perform IPOF i.e. Input, processing, output, Feedback.

Software consist of various programs and procedures whereas hardware consist of I/O devices, operating system and the other media devices. Database consist of data that organized in structured way. Network consist hubs, communication media, and network devices. People are device operators, system analysis and network administrators.

Whereas to integrate all the components and process information consist of input, data process, output and control. During the input feeding instructions are fed to the computer and during processing stage worked upon by software programs and other queries. While in the output phase data is represented in structured form of documents and same in the reports.

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  • Input: input is a piece of data which is embed in the system by the user for some use. There are various types of input devices are: keyboard, scanner, microphone, mouse and so on. Whatever we input in the system has some purpose until it processed and generate in another format, is not meaningful.
  • Processing: This phase is used after input phase and take place in the internal pat of the system. Main purpose it serve is to take inputted data and convert it into something usable. What we see in today’s computer world is what we see is what we get which is a result of input data that user feed to the system and processed by some program and turn that data into usable output.
  • Output: This is the third and second last phase in which usable output user get on the computer screen after feeding input to the computer. For user this is the second phase but according to the system this is third because processing phase which is the internal part not seen by the user of the system. Output comes in different forms like: monitor and printer for the visual work, and a speaker for the audio. Some output are for the short term like printing a photo but some of them needs to keep record that’s where feedback or storage comes in existence.
  • Feedback: This term is used to save data for some time. There may be many reasons to save data: for future reference, to prevent loss of data, but it is vital. There are several mediums to keep you data save like hard disk, a USB or a CD.