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Learn How to Touch & Type Keyboard

One way to increase your speed on physical keyboard and productivity is to learn how to type or key properly. There are some facts you can type without looking at the keys. Practice regularly and your fingers will learn the exact location of the keys.

Sitting posture for Typing

  • Keying properly start with the good posture. There are some points that you need to be note down while sitting for typing.
  • Sit straight on the chair and keep your back straight as well.
  • Keep your elbow bent at the angle of right angle.
  • Face the screen with the head slightly bent and facing the facing the monitor.
  • Keep your eyes with the distance of 45-70 cm from monitor.
  • The wrist should touch the table in front of the keyboard and remember never shift body weight to the wrists by resting on them.

Home Row Position

There are some keys on the keyboard from where you start and ended here only that’s why it is known as home row. Keys located in the middle row of the keyboard’s letter. Curve you fingers little and put you left hand fingers on ASDF and right hand fingers on JKL; . F and J keys under your both hand indexed fingers create a virtual raised line so that without looking you start typing.

Home Row Position

Keyboard scheme

Now you learn what should be the posture while sitting in front of system in the next step you get familiar with the keyboard. While there are variety of keyboards and most of the persons use QWERTY its name qwerty because it denote the starting alphabets of the keyboard starts from left.

Now follow these steps, take a look at your keyboard and find qwerty keys and make sure keyboard ‘B’ key aligned with you belly button if it is not do so and then the home row where your hands hover and ready to type.

Now there are some key points needs to remember before typing

Hit keys only with those fingers on where they are reserved. Always return on the starting position when you get distracted. While typing always imagine the location of the symbol on the keyboard. Establish and maintain rhythm while typing and try to speed up. Your Keystrokes should come at equal interval. Shift key always press with the little finger. Use thumb to use space bar.

The methods we discussed above may seem inconvenient first time but keep trying again and again. Do not stop if you stuck somewhere. Later you will find out that you are typing easily and quickly.

Keyboard Scheme

Fingers Motion

Don't move your hands on the whole keyboard be specific the keys while typing and maintain to keep your hands and fingers close to the base position. Pay attention on the ring and index fingers since they are considered.

Typing Speed

While in practice do not rush. You can only speedup when your fingers hit the right key. When you doing mistakes again and again take your time speed will only pick up as you progress. Try to scan the next typing word in your mind.

Take care of yourself

If you finding yourself that you distracted and making mistakes take a break and come with the new start. Don’t get confused while typing be calm as you know practice makes a man perfect. Do practice more and more.