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To serve mankind is the one of the greatest works in the world. And we all believe in such words. Health is a thing which is a lifetime concern for everyone around us. The issues may be different as per the situations and ages, but everyone has some or the other concern. The child playing in the park may catch a cold, the lady driving down the lane may have a severe backache or the girl jogging around may have thyroid. We all wish to live as long as we can, free of diseases and with low stress levels.

Thinking about all such things, a question arises my mind- who would take care of our health then? What would they do? How will they reach till there to help us out?

The doctors are the ones who take care of our health. For every small prick or a severe pain in the body, we rush to the doctors.

Now think about this. You go to the hospital, see the long line of patients waiting down there and take a seat. The reception guy is giving everyone their sequence numbers to go in, the nurse at the corner is making them wear the green robe and taking them to the doctor. So many people around, doing so many different tasks.

Who is managing them all?

And that is where health care management arises as a career. One of the most rapidly rising career in the modern times, health care management is a major requirement in all the societies across the world. It is obvious that people may fall prey to a disease or an infection, or anything like that. The people from health care field are the ones who plan the health care schedule in health care organizations to help us better, when something goes wrong with us. Whether it is psychological, neurological, cardiac or anything else, health care management today covers almost all the cures, aids and preventions to the dreadful diseases scattered around us.

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The field of health care offers various kinds of careers under it, which can be chosen according to your choice. Though it may seem that some of the professions may not as reputed or intense as others, yet they have their own value and importance. The careers one can opt for in this field are as follows:-

  1. Consulting firms
  2. Clinics
  3. Hospitals
  4. Healthcare associations
  5. Health insurance organizations
  6. Physician practices
  7. Nursing homes
  8. Skilled nursing facilities
  9. Mental health organizations
  10. Public health departments
  11. Rehabilitation centers
  12. Universities and research institutions

These are the major categories one can choose for chasing your dreams in health care management. And we have been thinking all our time back that it is just a doctor and nurse to help us out! Health care managers serve leadership or administrative roles in health care facilities. Hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare organizations etc are the places where one can find a job and begin his career in this field.

1. Career requirements

Following are the basic details you should know to go for a career in healthcare

  • Degree level:- bachelor’s degree is required
  • Field of degree:- choose to get a bachelor’s degree in health services, nursing, liberal arts. For master’s degree go for public health or health administration
  • Training:- volunteering or interning at a hospital can add benefit to your profile
  • Key skills required:- administration, leadership, knowledge of healthcare, business skills, communication and relationship management skills

2. Know more about it through research

Before deciding the right career for you, you should do some ground research about it, so as to get a clear view about your interests and how much the career has for your growth. For a career in health care management, get in touch with health are managers, who have a good experience in this and discuss all that you want to know with them.

Or if you can’t find one, then a visit to a career counselor would be a good option too. They can guide a person well regarding career counseling and suggest the appropriate universities for further action. Volunteering at a health care campaign can give an actual idea about what all this field is about. By doing these things, you will be able to judge whether it is the right choice for you or not.

3. Get a bachelor’s degree

Yes, that is the next step off course! To begin with any career, you first have to have a bachelor’s degree for sure. A bachelor’s degree in health care management is enough to get a job at entry level posts in administration, senior level jobs in smaller facilities or a lower ranking job in large ones. It depends that how much far you want to go in your career. Also, business, liberal arts and nursing degrees can fetch you job proposals too. Many of the nurses join in for health care management in the later stages of their career.

4. Enroll in a good college or university

The college where you study matters a lot. For getting a better start for your career, plan to join a professional organization while you are still a student. This gives some hands on practice and a chance to test your knowledge in the real world. The university name where you study also matters as it gives better study aids and has tie ups with reputed names, and this provides you a better platform to begin your career with.

5. To go higher, go for a master’s degree

And when you wish to expand your success and want to achieve higher in life, you should look forward to a master’s degree in health care management. The more you rise in your career, the more responsibilities you have. After getting a master’s degree, one can surely get offers for higher paying opportunities. Opting for a joint degree in both business administration and public health or law and health care management is also possible.

Healthcare Management

And when you have it all, then you are ready to build up your career the way you want! A career in health care management connects you with people and gives you a chance to discuss and solve their problems. Serving others is a self satisfying thing to do, and health care management is not just about business and planning; it gives the opportunities to take care of people around you too.

With a degree in health care management, your career will have a variety of options to work on, such as working with health care suppliers, mental health facilities, large hospitals and many more. Since the need of health care is everywhere around us today, hence your job options will be never ending; you can make up your career anywhere!

Some of the scenarios where you could be working as given as follows:-

  1. Health care administration at smaller health care facilities can be an option for which you do not require a master’s degree, and it is a good experience. Solving various issues out there such as admissions and finance at a small level may seem tricky first, but it will surely give you a good experience, which will help you out in later years of your career.
  2. Technology is just rising everywhere, making the world grow every day. And the same applies to this field too! New federal regulations require electronic records to keep a better record of all the finance, admissions and the work process going on in an organization. Those with a degree in health care informatics can surely try it out.
  3. At a larger level, a team of administrators work on the clinical areas such as health information, therapies or surgeries. It will provide a good experience to you too.
  4. Or if you wish to change your profile for a more tougher job, you can have a career option in army, air force and navy as well. The uniformed services offers various rewarding health care management careers as well. You could perhaps serve the nation too in this direction!

The task offered to health care managers are as listed out here. It is not mandatory that you will be performing all of them at once, but a couple may come hand in hand at the same time.

  1. Government relations
  2. Finance
  3. Human resources
  4. Information systems
  5. Marketing and public affairs
  6. Nursing administration
  7. Relations with the medical staff
  8. Services for patient care
  9. Development and planning of the organization
  10. Managing the material and the equipments available

A job like health care management is surely a good one to go forward with. Think well about it, take out some time and know more about it by yourself rather than just reading about it online and plan what you should do next.