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George Boole, Mathematician

George Boole

A great Mathematician was born on November 2,1815 in Lincoln. A friend of his family taught him Latin in which he mastered by 12. Later he went to teach himself Greek, German, Italian and French. Even he was so good in German that at the age of 14 his work was published in the newspaper which is caused as ruckus of disbelief. George taught himself which he could not afford to go vocational school. By age 16 he was an assistant teacher who financially help his parents and whole family because his father’s business eventually collapsed. George’s love for education is uncontrollable because at the age of 16 he consumed Newton, Laplace, Lacroix and Lagrange. He also held few positions and even opened his own school at age 19.

In 1854 and after decades were fruitful years for boole. He was published his key papers on algebraic logic titled “An investigation into the law of thoughts are founded the Mathematical theories of logic and Probabilities “. George went to write several papers that advanced ideas in mathematics and logic. But his story doesn’t end well. There seemed a curious absence of logic when, at age 49 he walk two miles to give lecture. So we lost him on a cold December 1864.

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Life Achievements

  • Recipient of the Royal Society’s first gold medal in 1844.
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1857.
  • Honorary degree of LL.D from the University of Dublin and Oxford University in 1857.