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E-Commerce & M-Commerce: Buying & Selling on the Web & Mobile Devices

E-Commerce Definition

E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce is a trading over an electronic medium rather than any paper document. Basically e-commerce is buying and selling of goods and services with the help of internet by surfing the sites of e-commerce on internet and transaction done via electronic measure only. E-commerce includes all those activities that helps in do transaction like transportation, banking, warehousing and insurance without face to face interaction among parties of buyers and sellers.

Types of E-commerce

  • B2B(Business-to-Business): In this type of e-commerce companies doing business with each other such as manufacture of any product selling their products to distributors and price depends upon the quantity of the order which is often negotiable.
  • B2C(Business-to-Consumer): This type of e-commerce application involves financial transaction between or online sale between a business and consumer. A business that sell his products online to consumer is B2C e-commerce.
  • C2B(Consumer-to-Business): This type of e-commerce is common in which large number of individuals sell their services and product to the companies who seeking for it.
  • C2C(Consumer-to-Consumer): This type of e-commerce is totally different from others in which all the consumer are directly in contact, it encompasses all the electronic transaction of goods and services that are conducted between consumers.

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E-Commerce Advantages

If an organization using e-commerce trading this will improve the brand image of the company also lead to provide better customer services. This will also reduce the cost of the organization because there is no need to manage and retrieve paper work document. E-commerce helps to customers also by providing 24×7 customer support this will help to customer to see his buying product information without worrying about time and distance. Such applications also provide user more option to compare and select the best option.

E-Commerce Disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages to using e-commerce applications are lack of personal touch and user is not able to experience the product before buying it. Customer should connected to internet if he or she wants to use application and buy something online and a device to access the internet. Security is also an issue, sometimes customer is not sure to trust the provider of payment method.

M-Commerce Definition

First thing you need to know about m-commerce is, this is the subset of e-commerce. This is the another way to purchase online sales transaction by using wireless electronics devices like mobile phone, laptops and hand-held computers. These wireless devices interact with the network and support ability to buy online products. Some of the products and services available with the m-commerce are Mobile money transfer, mobile ATM, mobile ticketing, content purchase and delivery and mobile banking, browsing and purchase and many more.

M-Commerce Advantages

Nowadays mobile is the only technology which is become necessary for every individual, business or social because of its mobility can cover wild distance. M-commerce applications are easy to use no need of skilled consumer. Buyer of the product can checkout thousands of items on his mobile no need of online. Saving is there because of the advanced technology include in it. Most of the companies switching to m-commerce as consumer deals more with it.

M-Commerce Disadvantages

There are some of the disadvantages of m-commerce as mobile has no big-screen so sometimes users tired to navigate and this will going to affect shopping. Users are habituate to buy products from e-commerce as m-commerce is new technology generally they don’t want to switch on new one. Risk factor is high because another next day technology is changing which require high investment on it. Connectivity is also an issue because m-commerce sites are heavy to suffer so they require high speed 3G net connectivity.

Difference between E-Commerce and M-Commerce

Difference between E-Commerce and M-Commerce