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Dynamic website designing:

Dynamic website designing is type of creative work and fascinating subjects. You can use all types of colors, background colors, font size and font styles. You can also use animation and sounds and embedded with them. Layout of any website page is most important part of the whole work, because it have significant effects on the receivers that how they will perceive the page. This website development work have functional need to change web parts from static to dynamic. Functional means how to react with visitor’s behavior on website with respect to time period. When web pages is returned to client which is depends on visitor’s previous interaction called dynamic.

Any website is developed with some set of web files, which executed with a web server. Designing and their implementation of any website have many aspects such as :

  • In site content is embedded.
  • Site sent pages.
  • Site is functional properly.

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Web interaction with basics models:

  • It stores pre-developed static web page on host server.
  • Any user can send request to host for web page.
  • And after that host will send a requested page copy to the client.
  • If user wants, then above process is repeated for new pages.


CGI is common gateway Interface, which is basically protocol, which is helpful in communication between scripts and web server. It is basically used for development of script, such as PERL. Retrieving data from database, tracking of visitors, updation etc. is done by scripting. It can also helpful in creating and alter an task and generate web pages. But CGI-PERL is time consuming that’s why Web Application Interface Server was developed. Other languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript etc. are also used to create scripting.


It is connected to a web application by many process, such as take an example SQL database connection to a web application with CFSET tag used for defining variables like name, value, scope etc.

And then we create a connection between database and web application by the help of Java Database Connectivity called JDBC. You can use MS Access, Excel, MySQL, SQL Server etc. DB2, Infrmix, Oracle, and Sybase are the drivers which is more efficient. We take an example for MS Access database which is connected with CFMX. CFMX is administrator which access database.

We take an example of CFMX SQL query:

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