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In present time, the development in science and technology has reached its peak. Scientist all over the world has been putting all their efforts to explore this universe in detailed way. If we see years back and compare it to the situation at present, there have been vast changes in our thinking and lifestyle. All this have become possible because of the development in science. Though it takes years for researchers to come up with exact result and present it to the world, but the output received is always surprising and beneficial to us. DNA fingerprinting is a process that has been identified by Sir Alex Jeffrey to find out the identity of any individual. Though this sound unrealistic but yet it is true. So how this process works and how it benefits the society is presented below in detailed form:

DNA also called deoxyribonucleic acid is the carrier of genetic information and fingerprinting means the prints that are engraved in the fingers of our hand, hence DNA fingerprinting or genetic fingerprinting is the process used to confirm the identity of any individual.

Process of DNA fingerprinting:

The process of DNA fingerprinting is not very complex. Firstly, anything that is the part of body like that of serum, blood, hair follicle, nails can be used for DNA fingerprinting. It is because, all the cells of our body carries DNA. Since DNA is a long strand of nucleotide chain, it must be cut down into smaller fragments using restriction enzymes. This generates several fragments that are of different length and sizes. These fragments are separated using the technique of electrophoresis. In this process of electrophoresis, smaller fragments run to the top whereas larger fragments are left behind. Once the process of electrophoresis is over, southern blotting is done. In this technique, separated DNA fragments are transferred to the nitrocellulose paper and then a specific probe is used that base pairs with the complementary DNA fragment. The probe used must be radio labeled and such that they are complementary to the sequence in genome that has number of repeats. The obtained result on number of repeat is the main portion that helps to detect the identity of person because it varies in length among every individual. Hence, called VNTR i.e. variable number of tandem repeats. When the hybridization of probe is completed, excess of it is washed away and hence read under an x-ray film.

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DNA fingerprinting process in this way is quite difficult to carry on since it takes lots of time. Hence, presently many other techniques are replaced with it, like PCR analysis and STR analysis are in use that saves time and maintains the accuracy of the record. No matter which technique is used, but the basic concept always remain the same.

Uses of DNA fingerprinting:

The reason that this technique is 100 percent accurate and can be completely relied is because of the fact that DNA of every individual carries some variation. So, it is the way to trace those variation. Hence, it is used in several ways as a proof for various. At earlier times, criminals could easily escape due to lack of evidence against them, but now this technique of DNA fingerprinting have reduced the crime rate because any evidence if found helps to locate the criminal easily. This technique is also used in legal paternity testing, where it have becomes easy to tell about the biological parents of the child. Beside this, this technique is also applied in many other field of biology like that of paleontology, archeology etc.

DNA fingerprinting is though the recent technique but it is widely used nowadays due to its accuracy. Moreover, it also helps to save time and reduces the complication of the work.