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Introduction to Distributed Systems:

A distribute systems is a piece of software that ensures that, a collection of independent computers that appears to its user as a single coherent systems. It is software systems in which components coordinate their actions by passing messages and located on networked computers communicate. Goal of the distributed system are connecting resources and user, distributed transparency, openness and scalability.

Distributed programming is the process of writing such programs which runs on distributed systems. Many alternatives for the message passing mechanism, and message queues for the distributed system. Components interact with each other in order to achieve a common goal. Computer program that runs on a distributed system is called a distributed program. An important goal and challenge of distributed systems is location transparency. Examples of distributed systems vary from SOA-based systems to massively multiplayer online games to peer-to-peer applications.

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Typical properties of distributed systems include the following:

  1. The system has to tolerate failures in individual computers.

  2. The structure of the system is not known in advance; it may consist of different kinds of computers and network links, and may change during the execution of a distributed program.

  3. Each computer has only a limited or incomplete view of the system.

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Advantage of distributed systems:

  • Resources Sharing
  • Computation speed up load sharing
  • Reliability
  • Communications

The major advantages of Database management systems are:

  1. Controlling Data Redundancy
  2. Data Consistency
  3. Data Sharing
  4. Integrity Constraints
  5. Data Security
  6. Data Atomicity
  7. Database Access Language
  8. Development of Application Backup and Recovery Procedures
  9. Data Independence

Aims of Distributed System:

Accessibility Of Resources: In this system it must be support user end to remote end such as data files, scanner, printers etc. It is also cost minimizing with expensive sharing resources. It5 can be increase output because of multiple processors and information exchanges.

Transparency in Distribution: : In distribution system software can be hide some important information but main aim is make it user friendly. Must be Users and applications be able to access remote resources like local resources. Transparency is many types such as Location transparency, Access, Failure etc.

Openness: In this type of distributed system services are offer according to some standard rule which explain that the syntax and semantics. It is also called interface description languages which show interface between software components. It is machine independent. It can supports coordination between many OS and programming languages.

Scalability: This term shows about measuring scale and define dimensions with respect to size, area of distributions, and number of administrative organizations. This system gives best result when it scales up along these dimensions. It may be give negative affect when

  • server is one that means it connected to all users
  • Data is also one, and users are many.
  • Single site gathers all information and after processing it will distributed to all sites in this system knowledge is good but network traffic is bad.

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