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Distributed Operating System

Distributed Operating System

A distributed operating system may be the logical aggregation associated with operating system software over a collection of independent, networked, communicating, and spatially disseminated computational nodes. Individual system nodes each hold a discrete software subset of the global aggregate operating system. Each node-level software program subset is really composition of two distinct provisioners associated with providers.

A Distributed Operating System is actually the one which operates on several, autonomous CPUs which supplies its users an illusion of an ordinary Centralized Operating System that runs on a Virtual Uniprocessor. Distributed Operating Systems provide resource transparency to the user processes.

Distributed OS vs. Network OS.

Distributed OS

  • User isn't conscious of the several CPUs.
  • Each machine operates part of the actual Distributed Operating System.
  • The program is actually fault-tolerant

Network OS

  • User is aware of the existence of several CPUs.
  • Each machine offers its personal Operating-system.
  • The program isn't fault-tolerant.
distributed operating system

Problems with Distributed Operating System

  • Communication Protocol Overhead.
  • Insufficient Simplicity.
  • High dependence on their education associated with fault tolerance.
  • Lack of global state information
  • Atomic Transactions.
  • Process and Data Migration.

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