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Introduction to the Digital Signal Processing:

The mathematical manipulation of an information signal to modify in some way is Digital signal processing. Its goal is to compress, measure, and filter continuous real-world analog signals. Digital and analog signal processing are subfields of signal processing. It can involve linear or nonlinear operations. Nonlinear signal processing is closely related to nonlinear system identification and can be implemented in the time, and frequency. Output signal is another analog output signal, which requires a digital-to-analog converter. It is characterized by the representation of discrete time, discrete frequency, or other discrete domain signals by a sequence of numbers and the processing of these signals

Digital Signal Processing Assignment Help

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Application for the Digital Signal Processing:

  1. Audio signal processing,
  2. Audio compression,
  3. Digital image processing,
  4. Video compression,
  5. Speech processing,
  6. Speech recognition,
  7. Digital communications,
  8. RADAR,
  9. SONAR,
  10. Financial signal processing,
  11. Seismology,
  12. Biomedicine

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