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Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DNA is nucleic acid which is a genetic material, found in all living cells, viruses etc. It is made up of two polynucleotide strands in the form of helical structure called alpha double helix. DNA is sequences of bases in one strands and a specific gene have specific bases which gives information about particular protein. It is self-replicating, so it can make clone or identical copy of itself. Replication can transfer genetic information to next generation faithfully. In synthesis S-phase called interphase, here DNA replication occurs before nuclear division.

Chromosomes cells have 90% DNA molecules, 10% is in mitochondria and chloroplasts. DNA have two types bases : a ) Purine (Adenine and Guanine ), b) Pyrimidine (Thymine and Cytosine ). These bases makes their complementary base pair by hydrogen bonding, adenine and thymine by two hydrogen bonding, and three in-between guanine and cytosine, and called Chargaff's Rule.

DNA Replication : In this process DNA must be copied, and two identical DNA new complimentary strands molecules produced by DNA molecules by base pairing or follow the Chargaff's rule. Every strands of the original DNA behave like a template for new one. Watson and Crick explained : two strands of parental DNA separate, and each are work as template for synthesis of new DNA strands. this template is work for protein structure.

In DNA Transcription, DNA will unzip itself and matching RNA nucleotides upto the DNA strands. In human cells, single DNA extends in threads for almost two meters. Its give information as equal to the 600,000 printed page of 500 pages.

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