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Dehydration Synthesis Assignment Help

Dehydration Synthesis

It is a chemical process by which breakdown and rebuild organic compounds, such as carbohydrates, lipids, Proteins and nucleic acids. Dehydration synthesis is a chemical process through which molecules are binding together and give large molecules and water is removed, In whole process H+ ion from one and hydroxide (OH-) from another molecules are removed. Small molecules, such as monosaccharide e.g complex carbohydrates, Amino acid e.g proteins, nucleotides e.g nucleic acids.

Due to dehydration synthesis, food which was digested are changed into their organic compounds and play important roles in our body to maintaining body metabolism, such as carbohydrates gives energy, lipids stores energy, gives insulation, functions as hormones and proteins is responsible for tissue health and muscles development.

Here we explain dehydration synthesis in some organic compounds:

Carbohydrates : Carbohydrates are known as monosaccharide, water is removed from two monosaccharides and they are binding by covalent bonds

Lipids : In dehydration synthesis of lipids, we take an example of Glycerol, three water molecules removed and make three oxygen bridge by.

Protein : Proteins are made-up of amino acids, and these amino acids are make proteins by dehydration synthesis making peptides bonds. Any dipeptide are dehydrated then a water molecules are removed from amino acid and make a peptide bond between them.

And the reverse of dehydration process is called Hydrolysis that means adding water molecules.

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