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Now in these days, everything is presented by digital world such as confidential data of any company either government or private sectors. So security and protection of these type of data is our first. Priorities. Best is prevention which measures taken to protect all these confidential data.

It is define by:

  • Confidentiality: which must be ensure that data will be only read by knowing recipients.
  • Integrity: which must be ensure that all of the data has never be destroyed from its original source.
  • Availability: It means it ensure that data is use only upon demands.

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Security Policy

It is defined by organizations in a comprehensive document in which they mention about methods for prevention, detection, reaction, accountability of data security etc. It is defined by ISO act. We can say that it is a key document for effective security practices.

  • Take control on physical access with stored data. Directory which are active or inactive both are centralized authentication management system, which must be control log details of any data.
  • Make critical encryption of any sensitive data before transmission to network.
Data Privacy And Security Assignment Help

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