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Concentration Units

There are several methods to express the concentration of solution. We are going to describe some very important terms used to represent the concentration of solution.

(a) Percent by weight

(b) Percent by volume

(c) Percent by weight/volume

(d) Mole fraction

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(e) Molarity

(f) Molality

(g) Normality

(h) ppm

We are offering the following main topics for assignment like:

  1. Percent By Weight (w/w)
  2. Percent By Volume (v/v)
  3. Percent By weight/volume (w/v)
  4. Mole Fraction (X)
  5. Molarity (M)
  6. Molality (m)
  7. Normality (N)
  8. PPM (Parts Per Million)

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