Computer Hardware and Troubleshooting Assignment Help

Introduction to Computer Hardware and Troubleshooting :

A collection of physical component or elements that constitutes a computer system is called computer hardware. It includes the physical parts like the monitor, mouse, keyboard, system unit etc.

Troubleshooting refers to the process by which we can rectify the problems. Troubleshooting must be approached in a systematic manner. Identifying the cause(s) of pacemaker malfunction is essential to implementing an effective solution. Solutions must be verified to ensure that they have effectively resolved the original problem without introducing new concerns.

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The Steps Used in Computer Troubleshooting Are:

Computer Hardware and Troubleshooting Assignment Help
  • Define the problem
  • Identify the cause of the problem
  • Correct the problem
  • Verify the solution

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The Main Computer Hardware Components:

  • The Central Processing Unit
  • Motherboard
  • Hard Drive
  • RAM
  • Sound Card

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