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Architecture of computer is a key a very important part of computer engineering. It is related to all aspects of organizational processing and designing. Architecture can extends forward into computer due to processors. It is very complex to design any operating systems those which have no knowledge of the underlying architecture. Computer architecture have to achieve several objectives.

Organization And Architecture:

We can say that “computer architecture” refers that attribute of any system which is visible to a programmer or attributes which can effect directly on the logical execution of any program. And about organization of computer, it is participated in operational units and interconnection which shows architectural specification. Lets take an example attribute of architecture consists some instruction set, and number of bits shows different kind of data types, input/output process, and addressing memory.

Structure and Function:

As we all know that a computer is very complicated system; contains million of electronic parts. So we cant explained one of them easily. So we can explain hierarchical nature of this complicated electronic systems, which must be represents their design and descriptions. Designer should have focus only particular level of system at one time. Every level of system consists sets of components and their interconnections. Behavior is define on structures and function.

Structure: it show interrelationship between components. Structure of computer consists many important parts such as:

  • CPU: central process unit: which participates in controlling of operations and data processing functions, or we can say that processor. It contains control unit, arithmetic unit and logic unit, registers, CPU interconnection etc.
  • Main Memory: It store data.
  • Input/Output: In this unit movement of data is occur between computer and external sources.
  • System Interconnections: In this unit, communication is done between CPU, memory, and input/output systems. Which can called “System bus”.

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Functions: It shows every structural parts and their operations. Some basic functions are

  • Data Processing: Various type of data is present and it requires wide range of processing.
  • Data Storage: Storage is important part of any data, as we know that it is wide range and difficult to handle that’s why storing of data is important.
  • Data movement: movement of data is also important between computer and external sources.
  • Control: It is very important because it have to control all these three functions. This unit handle the resource of the computer.

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