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Introduction to the Computer Applications:

Applied science and technology of existing undergoing uprising changes due to growth and development of applied science and technologies or computer science, which are allowing existing researchers, engineers and practitioner to develop. The expeditious growth of computer based system, such as, simulation models or matlab, database, and many more is proof of impact of computer and applied sciences existence. A large advance in existing technology and applied science has already result of the growth, application and associations of simulation models, database and many more.

Application of computer in various field:

  • 1. educations
  • 2. Science
  • 3. Engineering
  • 4. Health and Medicine
  • 5. Business
  • 6. Analyzing Movements
  • 7. Recreation and Entertainment
  • 8. Government
  • 9. Defence
  • 10. Recording Informations

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Educations: Researches exposed that computer can significantly increase performance in learning. Students showed to the web tells, they think that Internet has helped them to improve the quality of their educational growth.

Health and Medicine: Computer technology abruptly changing the tools of medicine. All medical, such as, mental health researchers are using to screen trouble teenagers, required pshycotherapy. A paralyzed patient, has received an implant which permits interaction between his brain and computers.

Business: Its clearly see the interest as a way to improve productivity and competency. Few areas of business, which are undergoing to expedite changes are sales and marketing, banking, stock trending etc. The Internet has become famous marketing tools. It is also popular in cyber banking and so on.

Recreation and Entertainment: Entertainment and pleasure time is also being affected by computer worlds. In movies and television world, computer generate graphics give flexibility to designers, thats why imaginary and special character can a play part of movies and video etc.

Computer applications Assignment Help

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