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Introduction to Communication Technologies:

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Communication technologies are the transfer of information. The technology increases the ways in which information can be communicated, the total volume that can be handled at any one time and the speed of transmission. Communication technology is also known as information technology and information and communications technology. It is the merging of telephone, computer networks and as well as audio visual networks.

The technology allows for great advances in the field of communication. Types of communication technology are telephone, radio, television and Internet. The Internet is highly used in communications because of the efficiency and convenience. Capabilities of the Internet include emails, video calls, phone calls and forums.

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Communication Technologies Assignment Help

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Different types of Communication Technologies:

  1. Mobile phones,
  2. Internet (emails) Skype.
  3. PDA (personal digital assistant) face book, Msn.
  4. Radio.
  5. TV.
  6. Text.
  7. Fax.

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