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The collisions are two types:

(a) Elastic collision and (b) inelastic collision

In elastic collision, the kinetic energy of the system of particle before the collision and after the collision remains constant. But, on contrary, in inelastic collision, the kinetic energy before the collision and after the collision does not remain same. As in case of collision, both types, there is no external force, the linear momentum of the system will always conserve.

Head on Collision or oblique collision

If the directions of the velocity of colliding objects are along the line of action of the impulses, acting at the instant of collision then it is called as head-on or direct collision. Otherwise the impact is said to be oblique or indirect or eccentric.

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Line of Impact

It is important to know the line of impact during the collision. The line of impact is the line along which the impulsive force acts on the bodies. To find it draw the tangent at the point of contact of the two bodies. Draw a normal to the tangent at the point. This normal line is known as line of impact.

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  1. Coefficient of Restitution
  2. Elastic collision in one dimension
  3. Collision when coefficient of restitution is coefficient
  4. Perfectly inelastic collision in one dimension

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